Alien implant

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Find out more about the alien implant and abduction experience of a Montauk survivor and alien human hybrid at

Find out more about the alien implant and abduction experience of a Montauk survivor and alien human hybrid at

Alien Abduction Experience of a Montauk Survivor and Alien Human Hybrid
My name is Talop and I am a Vampire Ashram elder who can attest to the fact that I am an alien-human hybrid who has been hybridized and programmed in the infamous Montauk underground in Long Island, New York for use by the rogue reptilian Satanic empire which includes the Illuminati as well as Freemasonic and Luciferian forces.

Signs of Alien Abduction
Some time after my birth my biological mother became a very different person after returning from another trip to Montauk. She began to suffer physical pains as well as psychiatric ones that had no discernible cause. She dropped in intelligence, became very religious and"found Jesus.” She passed away almost 10 years ago with Alzheimer’s in a hospice in the Bronx. What the medical establishment fails to realize is how many cases of Alzheimer’s are actually the mind finally breaking down under all the abuse it has suffered at the hands of Satanically aligned Greys who wipe the mind over-and-over, installing false"screen memories” so one cannot recall the actual memories of abduction and hybridization one has experienced. I for one, have almost no memory of my past. I can tell you where I went to school, etc. but there are very few memories. If you never think of your past and it seems you are living in an endless present with just a handful of memories, you can probably thank the Greys, who abducted you continuously throughout your life if your specific hybridization was valuable enough for them to do so.

Hitting Upon An Alien Implant
I didn’t go to the hospital for 10 days despite the pain, and when I finally walked into the emergency room, nobodly believed my appendix had ruptured because they insisted I would have been dead had it actually done so. Yet a CT scan proved them all wrong, and after days of IV antibiotics I was free of the pain of peritonnial infection and left the hospital with a very attractive drainage tube coming out of my lower pelvis. Not a good look in the hottest two weeks of a NYC summer...