INSHARE Tips to Clean and Care Your Outdoor Furniture

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As rattan furniture now incorporates resin as a material, this also makes rattan furniture water-washable and much more able to withstand extremes

If you are in the process of redecorating your home, you should be thinking of what sort of Rattan Lounge Set strikes the balance between practicality and expressing your personality. In particular, some people may be thinking about choosing between rattan or aluminum furniture. Both types of patio furniture have their advantages, so it’s best to find out more about them. Here are some details on both kinds of furniture.


Traditional rattan furniture have a very forgiving structure when it comes to weight distribution, and as such can “mold” itself to the average user. While it’s true that some designs become uncomfortable after long periods of use, a simple cloth or cushion will do wonders. Even better, properly designed rattan furniture can allow air to pass through, for a more air-cooled feeling.

As rattan furniture now incorporates resin as a material, this also makes rattan furniture water-washable and much more able to withstand extremes of weather. And given that artificial materials have less “nooks and crannies” for dust and pollen to hide in, a good periodic washing down will ensure that the furniture won’t have hidden issues for people with allergies.

Finally, it’s a given that a few strands in the weave will have to be replaced due to damage or eventual wear and tear. In such a case, it’s a good idea to source replacement material in advance.


Because it’s metal, it’s essentially a sturdy material, and given the light weight of aluminum, can be moved easily. It can be very resistant to extreme weather, and if your taste is urban or modernist , then aluminum furniture is perfect for you.

Additional factors


Rattan is the perfect choice for consumers who are trying to be cost-conscious. Whether the outdoor furniture is purchased by the piece or as a set, INSAHRE furniture that is made from resin rattan is much more affordable than furniture that is made from other materials. In today’s day and age when everyone seems to be looking for ways to save money, choosing outdoor furniture that is high-quality, durable, attractive, and affordable is a great choice to make.


Rattan furniture is a great option for many different types of outdoor furniture. Since it is durable and fashionable, it is ideal for seating as well as tables. It is also a great choice for a variety of outdoor accessories such as an attractive outdoor bar. Rattan furniture is perfect for just about any piece of outdoor furniture.

Durability and lifespan

Both resin rattan and aluminum are durable materials that have long lifespans. Both materials can withstand a certain amount of exposure to rain and other outdoor elements. This feature is important since it can become cumbersome to repeatedly bring outdoor furniture inside when the weather becomes inclement. It is far better to have furniture that can stay outside and hold up despite the abuse it can take from the rain and other weather elements.


Most homeowners want outdoor furniture that they can enjoy without having to exert too much energy on its general maintenance. Rattan furniture requires only a minimal amount of maintenance. It is easily cleaned with a garden hose. Occasionally it can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild dishwashing soap if it gets excessively dirty. Since rattan furniture is durable, it does not need extensive repairs but might occasionally need to have bent or broken reeds replaced.

Aluminum furniture can also be hosed down, but can get quite dirty and might need a little more elbow grease to get it clean. Although it is virtually impossible to break aluminum furniture, if it gets scratched or dented, there is no way to repair it. The furniture will be marred for the rest of its life.

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