Criminal lawyer in Dubai

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The best criminal lawyer in Dubai and the UAE
Looking for the best criminal lawyer in Dubai?
here; In Musab Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants, the legal office closest to you, you meet the elite of the original lawyers in the United Arab Emirates;

Criminal lawyer in Dubai The best criminal lawyer in Dubai and the UAE
Looking for the best criminal lawyer in Dubai?

here; In Musab Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants, the legal office closest to you, you meet the elite of the original lawyers in the United Arab Emirates; Where we adopt your case, achieve your interests, and activate optimal legal solutions in accordance with the visions and objectives of the law.


About our office | Musab Al Naqbi Law Firm:
Musaab Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants is recognized as the best criminal lawyer office in Dubai; With his legal achievements leading the highest success rates in the lawsuits in which he defends his clients, in all areas of law; Especially criminal ones.

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Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers:
Among the most important reasons for the emergence of the law:

Realization of rights, justice and protection of human dignity; It is upon them that the goal revolves, and it is to them that it returns.

As the law aimed at preserving the right to life, it criminalized murder and loss of life, and guaranteed the right to money and property by criminalizing theft and fraud.

These are some of the investigations in which a criminal lawyer's office in Dubai is intended, when confronting one of them to take the necessary legal measures.

Within this context, we address in this article the field of criminal cases in the Penal Code in force in the United Arab Emirates, starting from:

Interpretation of the legal term (criminal law / penal law) and its circumstances and problems.
Introducing the most important legal concepts involved in the criminal / penal law and the provisions that derive from it.
Crime and punishment in criminal law.
Then we proceed to talk about matters related to the legal personality concerned with providing assistance in criminal cases, which is (criminal lawyer), through a statement:

How to appoint a criminal lawyer in Dubai.
Legal services provided by Musab Al-Naqbi's office in this section.
Criminal attorney skills.
Criminal procedures and the role of criminal lawyers in them.
The rights of the victim claimed by the penalty lawyer.
The rights of the accused, according to which the defense attorney pleads.
Criminal lawyers prices in UAE - Dubai.
We conclude the article by referring to the legal services at Musab Al Naqbi Law Firm and Legal Consultations, the contact information for a criminal lawyer in Dubai, and the address of the best criminal lawyer in the UAE.


Criminal Law | Criminal attorney:
Criminal law is closely and directly related to the concepts of crime and punishment, as they are the two main pillars in the file of criminal cases that criminal lawyers deal with.

This is what Federal Law No. (3) of 1987 AD started in its first article, which stipulates that this law; That is, the Penal Code is concerned (in crimes and penalties), with its emphasis on canceling (every text that contradicts its provisions).


On the other hand, the criminal law corresponds to the civil law, as most of the provisions that regulate the lives of individuals derive from them in a manner that guarantees the stability and safety of societies, and while the civil law is specialized in permissible civil transactions and activities between individuals, the criminal law is specialized in those prohibited activities, so it clarifies the actions that require criminalization with Adopting the appropriate punishment.


The names of this law differ between countries with the same content and purpose. It is the (criminal law) in England, (the penal law) in Kuwait, and the penal code in Syria and the United Arab Emirates.


Principles of criminal law:
(There is no crime or punishment except by a legal text) This is the general criminal legal rule.
The UAE legislator formulated in the chapters of the criminal law / penal code all the provisions related to crime and its types, and the issues that revolve around it in terms of issues.
It stipulated the appropriate punishment for each type and a deterrent for anyone who tempted himself to violate the law, through which the criterion of justice for both the victim and the accused is achieved after the fact.
He specified the mechanism by which a convict must be punished for a crime, or when he commits behavior that is contrary to the permissible activities.
It was like a penal constitution that every criminal lawyer in Dubai would refer to when entrusted with a criminal case.
According to its provisions, the defense attorney bears the burden of defending his legal representative (accused or victim).

The concept of criminal law:

From all of this, we conclude that the brief definition that defines what criminal law is for us is: (It is a set of laws that define illegal behavior and criminal activities, and set an appropriate, fair, and deterrent penalty for the perpetrators).

The Penal Code expands to include all aspects of life, from the entity of the state to its economy to public funds, individuals, the family, and the judiciary, as will be explained.

And based on the general objectives of the law to achieve justice and establish security and stability in society.

The UAE legislator sought in the Criminal Code to deal with the theory of crime, its elements and types, and the corresponding penalties with great care, without losing sight of the smallest details, no matter how small, in order to close the loopholes through which the perpetrators of criminal offenses could escape.

All of this is what we will discuss during our article on the best criminal lawyer in Dubai.

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