IGV Shadowlands Guide: How do I make gold in the WoW Shadowlands

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In regards to Legion, it’s incredibly convenient to have access to automatic flying and the ability to one-shot any open-world mob.

Are you looking to farm WoW Tokens in Shadowlands? Farm gold for your Legendaries? Or do you just like doing the best gold farms available in the game? You’re in for some good luck - not only is the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands. Gold farming in WoW can be done in several different ways.

World Quests Reputation Farming in Older Expansions

Unfortunately, Blizzard has greatly nerfed the amount of gold generated from the Paragon Chests of Legion and Battle for Azeroth content. Legion chests only provide a measly 40 gold, while BfA chests provide around a moderate 400 gold.

In regards to Legion, it’s incredibly convenient to have access to automatic flying and the ability to one-shot any open-world mob. Sadly, we can’t really recommend going out of your way to farm reputation and gold quests, as the return on time investment is just too low.

However, it’s not the gold quests that are the main appeal but instead the Order Resource and Blood of Sargeras world quests that are of interest, as you can buy copious amounts of Legion crafting resources with these.

There is a vendor in Legion’s Dalaran called Illnea Bloodthorn where you can trade in Blood of Sargeras for all the base crafting materials pre-Argus. Conversely, if you’re running low on Blood of Sargeras, you can buy five of them for 5000 Order Resources in Class Hall from your quartermaster. And believe me, if you do world quests in Legion, you will have a lot of Order Resources. We’ll go into how you can make money with these in our “Profession Material” section below.

Farming Old Content

With your higher iLvls, it's easy to dominate and defeat old content enemies. That's a good thing if you want to go back and farm some valuable items you weren't able to before. This can include mounts, pets, and other items.

Here are some examples:


Goldenmane's Reins

Captured Dune Scavenger



Lurking Owl Kitten



Stormscale Leather

Stromhide Leather

Mounts and pets have a bigger immediate payoff, but farming the items or materials in bulk can also give you high profits.

Skinning and Transmog (Old Lands)

Farming for gold in ancient additions is still doable. All you need to do is move and skin warbear or rugged leather. Predominantly Warbear Leather will benefit adequately as compared to the warbear. There is the possibility of earning 15-18k gold in an hour.

Selling may clutch some points if you are on a server with a small number of players. If you desire to sell your stuff faster, make a Warbear Woolies transmog. People commonly employ this strategy. I worked here as a farmer a periodic month back and then vended the skins for 370 gold.

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