2022 Path of Exile Chaos Orbs Recipe Guide - Fast Way To Farm Poe Chaos Orb

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Chaos Orb reforges all of the mods on a rare PoE Currency . It is very useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers (and the number of modifiers) on a rare item. Chaos Orbs also play an important role in trading.

Chaos Orb reforges all of the mods on a rare PoE Currency . It is very useful in crafting, as they reroll all modifiers (and the number of modifiers) on a rare item. Chaos Orbs also play an important role in trading. They are the silver standard currency items and are often used to buy low to mid-tier items.

There are three variants of the Chaos recipe. All require a full set of itemlevel 60-74 rare equipment. But the main difference between them is item state and quality.

The first recipe is the one most players use. You need to vendor a full set of rares, yielding 1 Chaos Orb per recipe.

The second recipe is a bit trickier, so fewer players use it. You need to vendor a full set of unidentified rares, yielding 2 Chaos Orbs. But by not identifying the rare items, you might be missing out on valuable upgrades. So you need to consider if you’re fine with that.

The third recipe is near impossible to do, so almost no one actually uses it. For the recipe, you need to vendor a full set of 20% quality and unidentified rare items, yielding 3 Chaos Orbs. If you manage to collect it, chances are, you already have a dozen or more Exalted Orbs.

So the arguably the best Chaos recipe is #1, a full set of rare itemlevel 60-74 equipment. It’s the best in terms of practicality and usefulness. And even though it only gives you 1 Chaos Orb, the other two are simply not worth the time or effort. Especially because, you can’t use Breach rings for #2 and #3.

How do you get Chaos orb from vendor PoE?

Chaos orb can be looted by farming mobs, chests, destructible containers. Another way to obtain Chaos orbs in Path of Exile using vendor “full rare set” recipes. To complete this recipe, you need a full set of gear for sale. The range of items ilvl should be from 60 up to 74. As a result, you get a fixed amount of Chaos orbs PoE, which depends on the item level of all gear parts you added to complete the recipe. You can obtain one Chaos orb for the basic set; two Chaos orbs if all items are unidentified or have 20 percent quality; three Chaos orbs if all items are unidentified AND have 20 percent quality.

Poe Chaos Orb Vendor Recipes:

The Exchange Quantity Chaos Orb produced depends on the item with the lowest item level in the set, and the quantity on whether they are all unidentified and/or 20% quality:

  1. 60 to 74, all unidentified AND all 20% quality 3x Chaos Orb
  2. 60 to 74, all unidentified OR all 20% quality 2x Chaos Orb
  3. 60 to 74 1x Chaos Orb
  4. 20x Chaos Shard 1x Chaos Orb

If a rare item below 60 added to a Chaos Orb recipe, then the method will change to an Orb of Chance recipe.

The Prophecy A Valuable Combination can interfere with this recipe.

Exchange With Divination Card:

8x The Wrath 10x Chaos Orb

1x Chaotic Disposition 5x Chaos Orb

7x Three Faces in the Dark 3x Chaos Orb

8x Rain of Chaos 1x Chaos Orb

5x Emperor's Luck Random get Chaos Orb

Farming Poe Chaos Orb

Make sure you are running magic (blue) or rare (yellow) maps, you can use Path of Exile Currency orbs on maps to achieve this. Once you get past T2 maps, every Map you run should be rare (yellow). They increase the number of monsters on the Map and increase the number of drops from each Monster.

Delving is also profitable, exploring the Darkness and destroying the breakable walls within the Darkness can yield "wealth" chests which contain a variety of currency orbs, sometimes multiple Chaos, even at more comfortable depths where the monsters do less damage to you and cost less sulfite.

Farming Blood Aqueduct in Act 9 can also yield good profits because it takes literally 0 investment (investment meaning the map item itself and any currency you used on it, the map device consumes it, so we call it an investment). Story zones can be manually reset by Ctrl+clicking on the entrance to the zone (or the waypoint marker if you fast travel there) and creating a New Instance.

Recommended that all warehouses placed in 70+ yellow Items, and when the warehouse is full, you can exchange chaotic stones (the more the warehouse changes, the faster). If there is no necklace ring gold, you can use the essence to upgrade yellow

Ways to get chaos orb from a trusted seller?

At times we need very a handful of chaos orbs and don't have time for you to farm. In that case, we just invest in them. extra particularly, they're exchanged for other currency. there's an official trading platform exactly where all currency from Path of Exile is traded. just click on a big deal around the official Poe page. or you may buy low-cost Poe currency items on igvault.com directly.